Nurse Practitioner

Job Description: Nurse practitioner

Health First Urgent Care Job Description NURSE PRACTITIONER

Job Summary: Reporting to the Board of Directors will provide compassionate and excellent patient care by performing courteous, efficient, and accurate service. Assess, plan, and provide care under the supervision of a physician. Examine and treat general as well as urgent care patients to ensure proper injury care, disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. Prescribe and administer medication, perform routine vaccinations, and provide advice regarding personal health. Request necessary tests and follow-up visits and refers patients to specialists as necessary. Familiar with standard concepts, practices and procedures set forth by Health First Urgent Care, government agencies as well as occupational health clients.


  1. Assess, plan and treat patient needs within an urgent care setting and triage patients to differentiate between immediate and less urgent care.
  2. Assess, plan, and treat patients under the supervision of a physician (when necessary).
  3. Effectively manage private, pre-employment and workers comp patients.
  4. Ensure proper diagnosis, handling and recovery.
  5. Order labs, tests, injections, referrals and prescribe medications.
  6. Perform digital blocks, and regional anesthesia. Perform minor outpatient surgical procedures such as tendon repair, wound closure and management, incision and drainage, and needle biopsy.
  7. Perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures such as aspirations and injection of joints, bursas, and cysts. Perform closed reductions of fractures and dislocations. Apply and modify braces, casts, splints, and other orthopedic appliances.
  8. Order, collect and perform appropriate laboratory and diagnostic studies, such as routine laboratory tests, electrocardiograms, and radiological examinations including arthrogram practices, and procedure set forth by the government, Board of Directors, as well as clients.
  9. Participate in required Sullivan Courses and perform CME credits to maintain license.
  10. Consult with other physicians on medical care of patients.
  11. Take patient histories and vital signs as necessary.
  12. Communicate patient needs, diagnosis, and course of treatment to the patient,company, as well as other clinical staff and instruct and educate patients aboutdischarge instructions if applicable.
  13. Create an individualized plan of care based on physical, psychosocial and age specificassessments of the patient, as well as patient’s input and history.
  1. Delegate work appropriately to other caregivers and insures accuracy of delegated work.
  2. Maintain an adequate patient flow on-site by directing assisting clinical staff.
  3. Maintain quality assurance of charts and testing.
  4. Handle telephone calls about services rendered from company accounts, patients,physicians, as well as other staff.
  5. Provide accurate and timely documentation to Health First Urgent Care staff, insurancecarriers and companies.
  6. Maintain patient records for clinical use, medical records use, billing use, physiciansreview, etc.
  7. Serve as a resource person for other clinical staff.
  8. Help produce and maintain patient education instruction hand-outs.
  9. Attend client site visits.
  10. Attend required provider staff meetings.
  11. Accept and assume responsibility for special projects as they arise, and all other dutiesassigned.


  1. Successfully graduated from an accredited Nurse Practitioner Training Program and received and maintained certification.
  2. Successful completion of clinical affiliations.
  3. Must possess a current license to practice medicine in the state of Illinois, possesscurrent state of Illinois controlled substance license, and DEA license.
  4. Knowledge of advanced medical terminology.
  5. Knowledge of basic ER, internal medicine, generalist, occupational medicine, and familypractice procedures.
  6. Ability to use the necessary equipment such as the nebulizer, EKG machine, etc.


  1. Ability to communicate in English both verbally and written.
  2. An exceptional communicator, orally and written.
  3. Excellent interpersonal skills to effectively and courteously deal with patients andfamilies, clients, coworkers, clinical staff and physicians.


  1. Knowledge of computer function and basic office equipment.
  2. Responsible for personal actions, positive action upon feedback from others.
  3. Organizational and analytical skills necessary to maintain efficient workflow.
  4. Ability to maintain confidentiality of sensitive information.
  5. Ability to adjust responsibilities to accommodate a fast-paced work environment while maintaining excellent customer service and staff interactions.